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I am an expert and I have a doctorate in counseling and education, am certified in coaching and emotional intelligence training. After 30+ years in education as a teacher, counselor and higher education administrator, I decided to create a retirement career in coaching. However, more important than any credential, life experience as a parent has truly led me to my passion for working with families like yours. I understand first hand parents’ feelings of burnout, helplessness, and stress.

Wouldn’t you like to find help with those big emotions that we all are experiencing in these challenging times?

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Parent Empowerment Coach

I work with families, helping them navigate through life’s daily parenting challenges. I provide support to parents, enabling them to discover what it is they need and how to get there. My mission is to guide parents in transforming their journey so they have more joy, feel positive about themselves as parents, and raise resilient and compassionate children. Connection is currency.

I understand parents’ feelings of burned out, helplessness and stress. My older daughter struggled and until we found the right sources of help, her anxiety and mood disorder created pain for the entire family. What we wanted for our family and what we were doing to get there wasn’t working. After many therapists and outpatient programs, we found support and learned about coaching. Once I found support for myself, I realized in parenting you are not alone. As a result, we had more peace and compassion. Life experience as a parent has truly led me to my passion of working with families. There are so many issues, especially now: managing stress, understanding emotions, dealing with conflict, setting boundaries, reconnecting with your kids, safety and school, etc. It is truly endless. We all love our children and want the “best” for them but need to accept and nourish them for who they are and accept our own limits. There is no perfect parent.
Parenting is an inside out process - reach in and then reach out.

I am passionate about the opportunity to help parents. Will you let me join you on your journey? As a start, I want to offer a complimentary powerful conversation.